Types Of Integrated Screw Compressors You Should Know

The integrated screw compressors are an essential component of many industrial settings because they provide dependable and efficient compressed air solutions. There are several different types of these compressors, each with special qualities and uses. Businesses looking for the best solution for their unique requirements must have a thorough understanding of the many types of integrated screw compressors. This article covers the wide variety of integrated screw compressors that are offered on the market, ranging from oil-injected and oil-free screw compressors to variable speed drive and fixed speed compressors. Businesses may make well-informed decisions to optimize their compressed air systems and improve overall operational efficiency by exploring their functionalities and advantages.

What’s An Integrated Screw Compressor?

An integrated screw compressor is a type of air compressor that incorporates the motor, screw element, and other essential components into a single unit. When compared to separate compressor components, it is a more convenient, space-saving, and straightforward maintenance option for producing compressed air in industrial applications.

Oil Lubricated Screw Compressors

An integrated screw compressor that uses oil for lubrication and cooling is known as an oil lubricated screw compressor. By forming a seal between the rotors, the oil ensures smooth functioning by lowering friction. These compressors are frequently employed in sectors including manufacturing, automotive, and food processing where a little amount of oil carryover is acceptable.

Dry Screw Compressors

They don’t require oil lubrication to function. The rotors’ unique coating or design enables them to operate apart from one another. Dry screw compressors are now suited for industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food and beverage that require oil-free compressed air because the risk of oil contamination in compressed air applications is eliminated.

Types Of Screw Compressors

Cylindrical-Plate (CP)

One of the rotors in these compressors is cylindrical, while the other contains a set of plates. Compression chambers are created when the plates on one rotor mesh with the cylindrical surface on the opposite rotor. Because of their effective compression and low leakage, they are appropriate for a variety of industrial applications.

Plate-Plate (PP)

In this form, there are a number of interconnecting plates on both rotors. Compression chambers are created when the plates on one rotor mesh with the plates on the opposite rotor. High volumetric efficiency PP screw compressors are used in systems like refrigeration and heat pumps that need low compression ratios.

Plate-Cylindrical (PC)

PC screw compressors with a plate-and-cylindrical design have one rotor with plates and the other with a cylindrical surface. Compression chambers are created when the plates on one rotor mesh with the cylindrical surface on the opposite rotor. These compressors are appropriate for a variety of industrial applications because they strike a compromise between efficiency and pressure capacity.

Cylindrical-Cylindrical (CC)

In CC screw compressors, both rotors have cylindrical surfaces. Compression chambers are created by the rotors meshing together. When a high compression ratio is required, such as in gas turbines and air separation facilities, CC screw compressors excel because of their great efficiency.


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