Introduction To Holographic fan

The holo fan creates the optical illusion of three-dimensional objects hovering in midair. Since the fast-spinning fan is almost undetectable to the naked eye, the projected object is given a transparent background. These fans are made for marketing and advertising purposes in crowded public spaces like shopping centres and airports.


The term “persistence of vision” describes an optical illusion in which different images appear to merge into one another. The diagram depicted in Figure 2 elucidates the phenomenon of visual persistence. The human eye is one of five specialised senses that help the brain create an image of the external world.

Holography Working

In holography, an image is recorded not as a sharply focused image but as an interference pattern at the film. When using a laser, the light reflected from an object is combined with the reference beam at the film.

Three-Dimensional Image

Because of the additional information contained in the recorded interference pattern, a true three-dimensional image with parallax can be viewed. What this means is that, just like a real 3D object, the image will look different depending on the perspective you’re viewing it from.

Automatic 3D Hologram Exhaust Fan Maker

The 3D hologram is so bright that we can see it with the naked eye both night and day. An acrylic shield is optional when installing it in a wall or on a pole. The LED 3D Hologram Projector Fan is light and portable at only about 2.5 kg.

Jewelry With a Personal Touch

This elaborate pattern was inspired by both the “Heavenly Bodies” exhibit at the Costume Institute and Miss Pop’s recent visit to Versailles. She painstakingly applied each bead by hand, which is a time-consuming and finicky process, especially for someone new to nail art.

Military Cartography

Full-dimensional holographic projections are being utilized to improve reconnaissance, a vital part of military operations that relies on geographic intelligence. US armed forces have access to holographic maps of ” created by a single American company.

The Archiving of Data

The capacity of digital storage expands every year, and we have an increasing desire to store our data and keep it for the rest of our lives. Just consider the amount of information that can be stored on your personal computer, which could range from videos and documents to pictures of your family and hundreds of gigabytes of photos.

Medical Holography

Normally, that electronic information is used to display a flat image on a computer screen, but it can also be used to produce full color, holographic images.


The holographic film is an extremely thin and flexible film composed of plastic that has been micro-embossed with patterns or pictures. The holographic film is typically used in conjunction with holographic projectors. Since of this, soldiers are better able to prepare for missions and train for them because they can view the terrain in three dimensions and “see around” corners.

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