Opening up with Mobeen Mian, the founder of multi-media brand, #Focuseddd

We know that people are trying hard to break social norms and do something they are passionate about, and Mobeen Mian is doing the same. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas and holds a business administration degree. Mobeen Mian recently completed his master’s in organizational leadership in strategic innovation, and Mobeen has launched #FOCUSEDDD, his own media production line.

In the interview, when asked about what the triple D’s in his brand name represents? Mobeen Mian answered that the triple D’s in his brand #FOCUSEDDD represents the desire, dedication, and devotion needed to achieve any goal we set forth. He then explained that his brand focuses on creating exciting and motivational content for all. He said their brand promotes, supports, and markets the visionary content we create via photography, videography, customized clothing, event planning, and social media marketing.

To another question about all the hurdles he faced, Mobeen Mian replied that “It is crucial to stay positive through every loss and failure, and I feel like every L I took, I got an E for effort.” Mobeen Mian further explains that all the challenges he faced were never about something else; most of them were just fighting with himself. He explains that it was all about getting out of the comfort zone and never losing to himself. Mobeen Mian said I never leave an opportunity to challenge myself in hard and difficult situations, and I put myself in problems to always come out victorious. Mobeen said he loves to collaborate with people, and his collaborations always help him improve for the better. He said the collaboration with quality and environments is the healing our youth and community needs right now.

When asked why someone would choose you over the competition, Mobeen Mian replied that his brand #FOCUSEDDD is focused mainly on being the inspiration for others to stay focused in every situation. As well as keep looking for that devotion, dedication, and desire within them. He told the interviewer that his company specializes in videography, photography, customized clothing, sports sponsorships, event planning, and social media marketing. He said that whatever we produce is positively intertwined with passion, and at the same time, we offer others space and opportunity to tell the story of their brands and desires.
In another question, when the interviewer asked, what do you advise your followers and people who will read your interview? To this, Mobeen Mian told the interviewer about what his father used to say to him, and it was, “If your today is better than yesterday, you already won.” He mentioned that this statement coming from his father was very motivational, and now it’s real to him as he lived through and experienced what his father was trying to say. He said it’s all about forgetting the past and moving forward with all the positive thoughts you need to succeed. Training to overcome every setback is what we can do whenever we are disappointed at something or a situation. Mobeen Mian said that you can always make manoeuvres to bring change to life and hard situations. We can always turn the table around in our favor if we only try and keep trying.

One last question, What’s next for you? Mobeen Mian replied to this question with a smile that I want to move forward and what I am doing on a bigger platform. He said it is his passion to work with nonprofits, youth, small businesses, and more educated entrepreneurs. He said I had to work hard to be here where I am, but I want others with passion and dedication and the desire to move forward to use the platform I am providing in the form of #FOCUSEDDD. Here people can collaborate and fulfil their visions.